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October 02, 2005

"I'm gonna sing the Doom song now!"

A week ago when Jack was at his worst the nights were punctuated by occasional tears, yells, etc. It was pretty clear that getting to sleep early wasn't going to be happening.

A few months ago Fabulous Babe requested we break down and get Digital Cable. Now instead of the vast wasteland of 99 cable channels we something like 200+. (I've never counted.)

One night I was up after having helped Jack and started flipping around the channels. Lo and behold I discovered a tv show that I had never heard of before: Invader Zim.

This is one of those shows that you wonder how someone ever greenlit it. I've no idea what was actually pitched to the execs at Nickelodeon but here's my best guess:

"It's a show about an overbearing, maniacal, inept alien from another planet, named Zim, who is banished to Earth due to his lack of ability as an Invader. Accompanied by his robot, Gir, who is equally clueless, Zim sets about disguising them as a human child and dog which, despite everything, works with a single exception: Dib, a fellow school classmate who sees conspiracies at every corner and is on to the foul alien presence in his midst. Did we mention it's politically incorrect and the creator is responsible for a character named Johnny the Homicidal Maniac?"

I'm leaving a lot out.

The first episode I caught had Zim trying to stop Gir, obsessed after witnessing a gazillion "Crazy Taco" commercials, from running to Crazy Taco for some food. Within a minute I was laughing. Within 5 I was gasping for air.

It's not for everyone. Really. I know that. But it IS worth trying to catch a repeat to see if you like it. It's funnier than the first 6 episodes of Ren & Stimpy in an "Oh my God they really said that!" kind of way.

Of course Nick killed it after one season. Genius like this is rarely appreciated or is allowed to survive to flourish. (Joining "Flying Blind" in the graveyard of television shows that died too quickly for my taste.) The chances of a revival, a la "Family Guy", are not going to happen. It's simply a rare thing of wit, color and talent.

I'm starting to try and track down a "Gir" doll for Jack. It's the least I can do.

As a special treat here's Gir singing the "Doom" song after Zim goes off on a rant about how Earth is doomed: The Doom Song!

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October 05, 2005

"Drop the puck!!"

It's back!

Tonight's the start of the NHL season for those of us in Minnesota. After last year's debacle we're finally going to have hockey again.

To celebrate here's Jack from this morning:


Fabulous Babe and I are headed to the game. Jack has a date with Miss Brittney and won't be attending.

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"Someday son, these seats will be yours. Until then they belong to us."

We're back!

What a night. A great game of hockey and a lot of fun to watch Saint Paul roll out the red carpet.

A few weeks ago Fabulous Babe and I were talking about the Wild and season tickets. We've been debating throwing our name on the waiting list for a while. (Ever since we moved here actually.) It's a topic we've frequently returned to time and time again.

The crux of our conversation was that the wait for tickets is around 3-4 years. (In contrast to 3-4 decades with the Leafs.) That being the case our thoughts of taking Jack to games when he is older would mean we should go ahead and get our name on the list sooner than later. After some discussion back and forth we decided to go ahead with it.

The next day I called the Wild ticket office to talk to them about Season Tickets and getting on the waiting list. After some routine questions I asked:

"I understand it's a 3-4 year wait?"

"Normally, yes."


What followed was one of those dumb luck moments that you love and hate. Love because you can't believe they happen to you and hate because they happen when you really can't plan on it.

Long story short: We are now season ticket holders for the Minnesota Wild. Woo hoo!

We have 4 seats now. Sure we have more tickets than we will ever be able to go with Fabulous Babe's schedule but we're set for the next few decades. (We will have a bunch of games we can't go to so if you are interested in a game drop me an email.) If the Wild play as well as they did tonight the season should go pretty well.

Our immediate neighbors to the right are a couple from Red Wing. 4 guys split the seats right behind us and directly in front of us are a family with a college age daughter. The daughter and her friend ended up on the jumbotron last night as the girls were, if I have the term correctly, "HAWT!" (Fabulous Babe ended up on screen as well for a moment.) All in all some nice people.

We're still in a state of shock but pretty stoked. Tonight soothed my fears that the tickets weren't as good as I was hoping and the win put us in quite the hockey mood.

Here's hoping Jack plays along.

This was a huge night for St. Paul. The businesses near the River center suffered through the hocky strike and several closed when things were at the worst. When we got there tonight the city had closed down several blocks to cars and it was like a carnival with kids playing in contests, etc. Just inside the arena the St. Paul mayor was shaking hands and thanking people for coming back.

It didn't end there. Everyone who had a ticket got a coupon for a free hotdog, Coke and a bag of chips. On the way out we all got mini Stanley Cups. The NHL realized they screwed up and, seemingly, have gone to great efforts to bring the fans back and thank them for their support. The biggest shock? Discounts on everything in the Wild shop. (This never happens.) Between the new rules and the PR campaign they are running this might be the start of something wonderful.

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October 08, 2005

Communication 101 progress report.

Jack's word recognition is coming in leaps and bounds at this point. I'm constantly being astounded by his ability to communicate his thoughts and just how quickly he is learning.

A few weeks ago I bought Jack a chair that looks like a lion for him to sit on. (I've read that having furniture that is scaled to children is a good thing for their development and sense of belonging.) When we got home I sat it down and as Jack was wandering around said out loud, "Jack why not have a seat in your new chair?" Immediately Jack went to his chair and sat in it and looked at me like he was waiting for the next suggestion.

Today was another good example. I asked him if he wanted a snack and he signed both "drink" and "food". When I asked him if he wanted both he shook his head "Yes" and then did both signs again.

He's also starting to get the hand of conveying emotions. Jack has started to taking to making positive "mmmmmmmm" noises when he eats something he really likes. Kiwi's are a good example of this. Jack will devour every kiwi you put in front of him if you give him a chance. When I gave him one with dinner last night he instantly started making the "happy to be having kiwi" noise.

How far is that to come in a few generations? Kiwis grown on the other side of the world are a regular staple item at a little boy's dinner table in Minnesota. Great stuff.

Verbally Jack is still babbling a bit more than actually using words. By Christmas we might have some short sentences but I'm not counting on it. Not because I don't think he is capable but because I don't want to impose some freakish parent oriented timetable. Just like Jack took to walking so too will this come with time.

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"What is he wearing on his head?"

The cooler weather arrived in force a few days ago and with it came the realization that we're woefully prepared for Jack to survive the colder temperatures to come. Thus it was I went out Friday morning to find Jack some new mittens.

While at Target I found a matching hat and mitten combo. There were others but none as styling as these:


How can you go wrong with gigantic lizard fins coming out of the hat and mittens? It's like he's a member of the Junior Raptor league or something. All he needs is a big spiky tale attachement for his pants and we're set.


Unfortunately Jack soon discovered that picking things up with his mittens isn't as easy as it was with the use of his fingers. It took him a few tries before he was able to get the ball and the look on his face was pretty good.

When Fabulous Babe got home from school last night Jack was still up. When the garage door went up I put the hat and mittens on him and he ran to the door making growling noises. Her reaction was less enthusiastic than mine. lol

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October 11, 2005

"Really. They're new. I swear."

Fabulous Babe is in St. Louis this week for work. (At least she claims its work. It might be she was really interested in having some really fresh Budweiser.) While she's gone I'm tackling some things that are simply easier with her out of the way.

One of these Agaen Stable like tasks is the great toy roundup in which I pick and choose which toys to stow away for a while until Jack gets tired of the current set. It's a bit like stocking shelves or rotating inventory.

The first time we did this the box of toys in the basement near the tv sat for over a month. When Jack "found" them it was like Christmas. Ever since then I try to rotate every few weeks or so.

Among the first things pulled were the Little People toys. Jack won't notice too much and my high hopes are that when they all come back in a big way he'll be a bit more interactive with them. We'll see.

Peekablocks are also going away for a bit. If for no other reason than the really big one annoys the bejeezus out of me after Jack presses the one lever again and again. I'm sure with the passing of time I'll build up some patience for it again.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane brought bags of toys the last time they were here. (Including a few I think they just wanted to get some revenge for.) These have seen gentle use at the hands of Jack's cousins, Tall Princess and Number Two Billy Goat, but Jack could care less. After dumping them all out I noted which ones he liked, a la the bowling set, which ones he could care less about, giant stuffed spider man, and which ones he wasn't sure about, noisy taking things.

Hopefully all will go well. The test is later tonight when Jack hits the basket and discovers what I have stocked for him.

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"Everyone, Maria Alexandrova. Maria, Everyone."

Deep beneath my stop a clock ugly, rough hewn exterior lurks, in some discarded corner, the soul of an artist. (Despite my lack of any sort of artistic talent.) Go figure.

It's why I'm always impressed by great feats of artistry. They sort of sing to my soul and make me just pause for a second and really appreciate the simple beauty of something like this:


That's Maria Alexandrova, a principal of the Bolshoi Ballet. She's 27 at the time I write this. At the age of 19 she won a Gold Medal in the International Ballet Competition in Moscow. Besides the formidable technical skills she wields, much like the bow in the picture above, she's also known for incredible poise and speed. Watching her dance is like watching the word "ballet" come to life before your eyes, as if someone opened a dictionary and the word floated of the page and came to life like some sort of phantasimic figure before your eyes.

I've seen her dance once on our television in the basement. I was flipping through channels and when I alighted on Maria dancing I stopped transfixed.

Maria began dancing at the age of four when most of us are learning to read. She entered formal training at the Moscow Choreographic Academy at the age of 9, when most of us are struggling with division in mathmatics classes.

I've no idea if at the age of 4 my son is going to discover what it is he wants to do for the rest of his life. I'm not sure if I want him to. (Who wants to be accused of being one of those creepy stage parents.) I can certainly say that in Maria's case the world is far better off for her parents support of the direction she was drawn to.

Take the time to look for Maria Alexandrov performing if you can. Watching her dance is like something from the pencil of Walt Disney animators and the imagination of the most revered of classical composers.

It probably doesn't hurt ticket sales that she's just as "hawt" as she is talented. (lol)

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October 14, 2005

More proof that Pirates are cooler than Ninjas...

A.) Pirates are snappy dressers. Ninjas? All black is so last year.

B.) When 13 year old Pirate Children successfully lead the police on a goosechase involving multiple cruisers and a searchlight helicopter and manage to escape, their Pirate Parents don't turn them in to the cops. Ninja Parents? Read on:

Ninja father fails Ninja clan by giving up son to the cops.


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October 16, 2005

"Sometimes I don't like to sit on my chair..."


I just like to lean against it stylishly.

(Dad's foot for reference once again.)

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"You have to buy my train! Now!"

A little over a week ago I decided to tempt fate and run a newspaper ad. It essentially reads:

"Wanted Old Toy Trains"
Let me give a good home to your old toy trains. (Lionel, etc.)

Then the ad lists my cell phone number for readers to call.

My purpose in listing this is to try and find some old trains to work on over the winter and try to revive. I'm a Lionel guy and most Lionel trains can be revived despite horrific amounts of damage and abuse.

The responses have been interesting to say the least. I had one fellow who called me and in broken english explained that I had to buy his trains because I had run the ad. After talking for a few minutes it was pretty clear that a.) they weren't anything I could use, b.) they weren't anything I could donate to a boys club and c.) he wanted a small fortune for them.

This is pretty typical. A lot of folks have heard that old toy trains are worth a bundle and in some cases that is true. However to be worth the big bucks the trains have to be in "brand new" or "mint" condition. The more trains have been played with the less they are worth. The majority of what you find at garage sales, attics, etc. would be charitably called "good" at best.

Another call I received was from someone that had a set from when he was a kid. "You're not a dealer are you?" were the first words from his mouth. Explaining that I was buying trains to run with my son opened the door and we talked for a bit. He agreed to show me what he had and I made the time to go see.

It actually was exactly what I was looking for. Alas the "they're worth a lot" fairy had smacked him with her wand as well. I made a very fair offer based on their condition which he wanted to think about. (Engine beat to death and locked up, rolling stock in similar shape.) After getting home I double checked everywhere, eBay and some collector guides, and called back to up my offer by $50. (I try to be VERY honest about this stuff.) He groused about eBay prices and I explained that part of my offer was based on closed auctions on eBay. Finally he said he would think about it and I knew I would never hear from him again.

This is to be expected. When I placed the ad I had hoped for the best but planned for the worst.

Another call came from a woman whose son had died but who still had the set he had played with as a child. After talking we set a time for me to come buy.

Within 20 minutes she called me back. From the sound in her voice she was very upset and about to cry. Turns out her worthless brother had stolen the train set from her basement. She was angry with him, upset about the loss of her son's train set and sorry for wasting my time. I told her it was ok and to simply keep me in mind.

People are pretty emotionally attached to model trains. They're almost always associated with Christmas as that's when most kids got them. Parents and children all have some pretty intensive memories and I try to be pretty respectful of that. I have a lot of the same memories.

Friday night I got a call and the fellow had a set and an odd engine. He gave me the numbers of everything he had and before going over I did some research. By the time I got to his house I was pretty educated and felt good going in.

Most of what he had was junk: Beat to death and a bit rusty to boot. He had a couple of nice cars that offset the worst offenders but overall it was $100 at best. In addition he had the engine he had as a child and a tender. The engine was on the lower side of "good" and the tender, not the original that came with the engine, was in similar shape.

In the end I offered him a package price for everything. He's in a cash crunch for a new computer and I tried to be fair to help him out. In the end he said he would think about it, but when I left I knew he was another person I wouldn't hear from. He wasn't about to sell his first toy train and the rest, cobbled together from eBay here and there, would go at a loss to what he had paid for it. (He admitted being caught up in trying to win some things.)

I'm hoping that before the ad quits running something good will come out of it: A nice freight set I can clean up. A single engine that I can strip down and rebuild from the wheels up. A lonesome caboose that needs a good home. We'll see.

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"I love wrench."


Notice that during the latest haircut a certain favorite toy had to make an appearance.


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"We welcome the return of our Arachnid Masters!"

Some of you may remember last year about this time...

Well it's back. This time it brought a friend:


Jack and Fabulous Babe seem oblivious to their impending doom as it scuttles across the porch roof towards them. Despite my love for both of them I simply must obey my 8 legged masters will.

Be warned that I still have plenty of roof left. (I also have to do some positioning for better effect.)

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"1st Hockey game."

Tonight was Jack's first Hockey game.

We played the Ducks tonight and the game was a bit earlier than usual. (5:00 instead of 7:30) That being the case we decided to risk everything and take Jack. The theory was that if we made it the whole game then Jack's bedtime wouldn't be too far off the regular schedule.


Here's Jack in his Wild Jersey waiting for the game to start.

We went with friends from Fabulous Babe's workplace. They were good sports and willing to play along with Jack. They recently became grandparents and were thrilled to be sharing pictures of the new arrival. We were glad to have them along


Here's Fabulous Babe and the boy. After the first game of the season where Fabulous Babe wound up on the Jumbotron we decided she needed some "Wild" gear and she scored a nice nylon pullover. Our seats catch a draft and it's fashion and function. The same trip resulted in Jack's spiffy jersey.

Before you ask the answer is "No, I don't know who the unfortunate girl catching flies behind Jack is."


This is the view from our seats. Actually it's better than it looks because I had the camera on wide angle and the rest of my ice shots are crap. The first time someone hit the glass with a puck Jack jumped straight up. (He did the same when the Wild scored their first goal.)

The big moment came with about 7 minutes before the end of the 3rd period. Sure enough the roving camera stops nearby and Jack ends up on the Jumbotron waving his hands and grinning. He of course blew it by looking up to see himself but the moment, however briefly, was there.

A couple of minutes later Miss Brittney, Jack's regular babysitter, came down to our seats. She had seen "Baby Jack" and was even more excited than we were. More proof we're incredibly lucky to have her as a babysitter.

Jack lasted the whole game. He laughed, smiled and clapped as the night went on and ate us out of house and home. (A hotdog, a bucket of popcorn, cheesy bread and some Nilla Wafer cookies from home.) No major meltdowns and except for a couple of water bottle tosses he was on his best behavior. The whole way home he was a gigglepuss.

I doubt he'll remember any of it as he grows older but I hope he someday knows how much fun his dad had just having him sit on his lap and clap and laugh as the game went on in front of him.

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October 24, 2005

"My kingdom for some Butt Paste."

For the last week Jack has been eating everything that isn't nailed down. His usual meals have grown to at least double in size what Calista Flockheart eats in a day. (Ha ha.)

Along with this increased intake there has been an equal increase in output. With this increased, ahem, volume we've been fighting a rash that wouldn't go away.

When Desitin fails there's only one way to go: Super Deluxe Atomic Butt Paste. This goo is made up of three ingredients, one of them butterscotch candy by the smell, and is liberally applied to the afflicted nether regions three times a day.

After 3 full days I am glad to report that Jack's cheeks are not nearly as rosey.

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"I wish I could say I was surprised."

Got an email from a friend of mine back in Kentucky last week. He was forwarding on a request for information from the high school class reunion committee. I've mixed feelings on the whole business but in the midst of the email there was the following tidbit of news: one of our classmates was shot to death by the police over the summer.

The email included very little information other than a copy and pasted headline. Google failed me when I tried to find a link to the story so I'm left out in the dark as it were.

I had known the deceased since 5th grade. He was one of a handful of people in the class that really went out of the way to be friendly when I was the "new" kid.

By the time of our senior year he had taken some twists and turns that I hadn't. In our freshman year he was the first person to show me seeds for growing marijuana. (In our first period English Class no less.) By our senior year I can remember he was already connected with people who could take care of most of your recreational pharmaceutical needs for a price. By that point in time I doubt I ever spoke to him very often.

It was hard reading that the same person who was just as excited as I was to get the Star Fleet Technical Manual for Christmas in 5th grade was shot to death by a police officer. I would like to say I think it didn't have to happen but odds are if you're hell bent for trouble in high school it will eventually find you. This wasn't someone from a bad home or a rough background. My impression was that he came from a loving family and never really wanted for anything. If you were going to pick someone out of a lineup as having pretty much everything he would have been one of the top candidates.

The first place I worked in Baltimore employed, by the owners choice, a number of recovered alcohol and drug addicts. (The owner had survived catching himself on fire while freebasing cocaine and after coming through it decided to try to help others around him.) I literally used to work with someone who had once had a full ride football scholarship to the University of Maryland and his sophmore year had been introduced to cocaine. The next 10 years were tragedy, struggle and day to day survival the likes of which I pray no one close to me ever has to know.

Think you lose sleep over this stuff when you're single? Try being a parent. The notion of having anything happen to Jack makes me sick to my stomach.

P.S. If I do go next year it would give me the chance to introduce Fabulous Babe to Ashley Judd. Ashley transferred in for our senior year and, excepting the one time her mom came by after school to pick her up in the tour bus, the impact was minimal.

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"I wonder how many he still has?"

When I was working at the Radio Station in college the front office received a box of promotional t-shirts for "John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness" which was odd because a.) we weren't exactly the sort of station to hand these out and b.) they arrived after the movie had opened. Within a week the box wound up gathering dust.

At the time I gave one to my Brother as a bit of a gag. (At first glance you wouldn't peg him as the "Prince of Darkness" in any way.) It was in heavy t-shirt rotation until finally he outgrew it or it got a hole in it. I seem to remember giving him a spare or two at some point but am positive that none of them were in a size to contain either of our girths these days.

Thus it is with gleeful heart I post this link for him. The fine folks at www.i-mockery.com have a send up of the movie. It's not safe for work so follow the link at your own risk. That out of the way the whole site is one laugh after another.

I-Mockery's review of John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness.

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"Art director, shmart director. Shoot the picture."

Lionel trains have been a part of kid's lives for over 100 years now. That's an impressive feat that few companies can rival. That doesn't mean that it's a history that lacks some, well, stinkers now and then.

Take this for example:


Easily my least favorite Lionel catalog cover of all time. It looks like the movie poster for "Attack of the 50 foot Blind Kid" or some such. Besides the squinting eyes the kid's missing lower lip doesn't exactly breed confidence either. If I was little Johnny's mom the last thing I would want is to have my child playing with Lionel trains and run the risk of losing both his sight and his lower lip.

It's also a remarkable cover in that it doesn't convey anything that almost every other Lionel catalog does: fun with trains. Key elements are missing here: track, Mom or Dad, scenery, etc. Even the trains on the cover aren't presented as a train. It's more like a jumble of things thrown around with no thought or regard.

How this cover got made is beyond me. To someone who used to have to work with evocative imagery in a hobby related field it positively gives me the willy's. Ugh.

Be patient though. I have more. So much more.

(Is it just me or does he look like he's about to bite the searchlight on that car in his hand.)

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October 25, 2005

"The annual Cities 97 Sampler or how not to make a cd for charity."

The local "adult alternative" radio station here in the Twin Cities is Cities 97. They've had the format for years and are owned by Clear Channel. (Few stations locally aren't owned by one of the major networks.)

KMTT - On the Mountain Vol. 11
1 - Xavier Rudd - Let Me Be
2 - Jason Mraz - Wordplay
3 - Carbon Leaf - Life Less Ordinary
4 - Jackie Greene - Honey, I Been Thinking About You
5 - Ozomatli - (Who Discovered) America
6 - Ben Lee - Catch My Disease
7 - Ian McFeron Band - Half A Million Dollars & A Bottle Of Wine
8 - Joss Stone - Right To Be Wrong
9 - John Butler Trio - Zebra
10 - Mike Doughty - Looking At The World From The Bottom Of A Well
11 - The Frames - Fake
12 - Patty Griffin - Don't Come Easy
13 - Chuck Prophet - Pin A Rose On Me
14 - Amos Lee - Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight
15 - Tori Amos - Sleeps With Butterflies
16 - Ray LaMontagne - Trouble
17 - The Finn Brothers - Won't Give In
18 - Marc Broussard - Home

Cities 97 Sampler
1 - Howie Day - Collide
2 - Rachel Yamagata - Worn Me Down
3 - Snow Patrol - Chocolate
4 - Los Lonely Boys - Heaven
5 - Joss Stone - Right To Be Wrong
6 - Lenny Kravitz - Believe
7 - David Gray - The One I love
8 - Mike Doughty - Looking at the World…
9 - Anna Nalick - Breathe (2 am)
10 - Blue Merle - Burning In The Sun
11 - Jamie Cullum - All At Sea
12 - Ben Lee - Catch My Disease
13 - Ringside - Tired Of Being Sorry
14 - Mindy Smith - Come To Jesus
15 - Better Than Ezra - A Lifetime
16 - Carbon Leaf - Life Less Ordinary
17 - Mark Knopfler - Brothers In Arms

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"First frost today which means that children in Minnesota might put on undershirts."

"How can you tell the kids from Minnesota at Disney World?"

"If it's below 50 degrees they're the ones wearing shorts."

As I was getting Jack dressed this morning I was trying to figure out which layers were necessary. While it got down to 20 last night, thus explaining the frost on my toes where Fabulous Babe had to have the window open last night, it's supposed to get up to 50ish by afternoon. So....

I fall back to the standard undershirt / onesie, pants, socks, shirt and go with the jacket, dino hat and mitts. This is pretty much everything Jack needs for 50ish weather. He's not out for very long and he's pretty warm. Within a few weeks the parka / snowsuit will be a manditory requirement but no sense in taking away his mobility just yet.

It's hard to think that just over a year ago he couldn't walk or talk. Talk about feeling old. I look at the archives from last year at this time and I cringe. What's next year going to bring? (Odds are bicycle riding and hockey.)

I talked to El Jefe last night for a few minutes. El Jefe remembers holding Jack in his arms and I pointed out that at the rate we're going a similar pose will require a truss.

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"He's too young for ice skating!"

We're in a debate right now about the future of Jack's athletic career.

I pointed out that they make a contraption for kids to learn how to skate when they are toddlers. Fabulous Babe thinks it's silly and pointless.

My motivation for bringing it up isn't that I am trying to pressure him into hockey sooner than later. I just don't want him to have to go into remedial skating lessons in kindergarten.


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October 28, 2005

Pumpkin shopping...

Fabulous Babe took today off and this afternoon we went pumpkin shopping...


This is an action shot of Jack. He's wearing his special Halloween t-shirt that reads "Funny Bones" which by the time you read this he will have outgrown.


Notice the lack of a belt? Don't worry son. You come from a long line of men who's metabolisms slow down at the age of 28. You'll need a belt soon enough.


Jack wanted me to point out that while there might be a sale on Mums he's very happy with his and wouldn't trade her for anything. He also likes walking with her and having her rock him to sleep.

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