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October 24, 2005

"I wonder how many he still has?"

When I was working at the Radio Station in college the front office received a box of promotional t-shirts for "John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness" which was odd because a.) we weren't exactly the sort of station to hand these out and b.) they arrived after the movie had opened. Within a week the box wound up gathering dust.

At the time I gave one to my Brother as a bit of a gag. (At first glance you wouldn't peg him as the "Prince of Darkness" in any way.) It was in heavy t-shirt rotation until finally he outgrew it or it got a hole in it. I seem to remember giving him a spare or two at some point but am positive that none of them were in a size to contain either of our girths these days.

Thus it is with gleeful heart I post this link for him. The fine folks at www.i-mockery.com have a send up of the movie. It's not safe for work so follow the link at your own risk. That out of the way the whole site is one laugh after another.

I-Mockery's review of John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness.

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