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October 08, 2005

Communication 101 progress report.

Jack's word recognition is coming in leaps and bounds at this point. I'm constantly being astounded by his ability to communicate his thoughts and just how quickly he is learning.

A few weeks ago I bought Jack a chair that looks like a lion for him to sit on. (I've read that having furniture that is scaled to children is a good thing for their development and sense of belonging.) When we got home I sat it down and as Jack was wandering around said out loud, "Jack why not have a seat in your new chair?" Immediately Jack went to his chair and sat in it and looked at me like he was waiting for the next suggestion.

Today was another good example. I asked him if he wanted a snack and he signed both "drink" and "food". When I asked him if he wanted both he shook his head "Yes" and then did both signs again.

He's also starting to get the hand of conveying emotions. Jack has started to taking to making positive "mmmmmmmm" noises when he eats something he really likes. Kiwi's are a good example of this. Jack will devour every kiwi you put in front of him if you give him a chance. When I gave him one with dinner last night he instantly started making the "happy to be having kiwi" noise.

How far is that to come in a few generations? Kiwis grown on the other side of the world are a regular staple item at a little boy's dinner table in Minnesota. Great stuff.

Verbally Jack is still babbling a bit more than actually using words. By Christmas we might have some short sentences but I'm not counting on it. Not because I don't think he is capable but because I don't want to impose some freakish parent oriented timetable. Just like Jack took to walking so too will this come with time.

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