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October 08, 2005

"What is he wearing on his head?"

The cooler weather arrived in force a few days ago and with it came the realization that we're woefully prepared for Jack to survive the colder temperatures to come. Thus it was I went out Friday morning to find Jack some new mittens.

While at Target I found a matching hat and mitten combo. There were others but none as styling as these:


How can you go wrong with gigantic lizard fins coming out of the hat and mittens? It's like he's a member of the Junior Raptor league or something. All he needs is a big spiky tale attachement for his pants and we're set.


Unfortunately Jack soon discovered that picking things up with his mittens isn't as easy as it was with the use of his fingers. It took him a few tries before he was able to get the ball and the look on his face was pretty good.

When Fabulous Babe got home from school last night Jack was still up. When the garage door went up I put the hat and mittens on him and he ran to the door making growling noises. Her reaction was less enthusiastic than mine. lol

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