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October 11, 2005

"Really. They're new. I swear."

Fabulous Babe is in St. Louis this week for work. (At least she claims its work. It might be she was really interested in having some really fresh Budweiser.) While she's gone I'm tackling some things that are simply easier with her out of the way.

One of these Agaen Stable like tasks is the great toy roundup in which I pick and choose which toys to stow away for a while until Jack gets tired of the current set. It's a bit like stocking shelves or rotating inventory.

The first time we did this the box of toys in the basement near the tv sat for over a month. When Jack "found" them it was like Christmas. Ever since then I try to rotate every few weeks or so.

Among the first things pulled were the Little People toys. Jack won't notice too much and my high hopes are that when they all come back in a big way he'll be a bit more interactive with them. We'll see.

Peekablocks are also going away for a bit. If for no other reason than the really big one annoys the bejeezus out of me after Jack presses the one lever again and again. I'm sure with the passing of time I'll build up some patience for it again.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane brought bags of toys the last time they were here. (Including a few I think they just wanted to get some revenge for.) These have seen gentle use at the hands of Jack's cousins, Tall Princess and Number Two Billy Goat, but Jack could care less. After dumping them all out I noted which ones he liked, a la the bowling set, which ones he could care less about, giant stuffed spider man, and which ones he wasn't sure about, noisy taking things.

Hopefully all will go well. The test is later tonight when Jack hits the basket and discovers what I have stocked for him.

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