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October 11, 2005

"Everyone, Maria Alexandrova. Maria, Everyone."

Deep beneath my stop a clock ugly, rough hewn exterior lurks, in some discarded corner, the soul of an artist. (Despite my lack of any sort of artistic talent.) Go figure.

It's why I'm always impressed by great feats of artistry. They sort of sing to my soul and make me just pause for a second and really appreciate the simple beauty of something like this:


That's Maria Alexandrova, a principal of the Bolshoi Ballet. She's 27 at the time I write this. At the age of 19 she won a Gold Medal in the International Ballet Competition in Moscow. Besides the formidable technical skills she wields, much like the bow in the picture above, she's also known for incredible poise and speed. Watching her dance is like watching the word "ballet" come to life before your eyes, as if someone opened a dictionary and the word floated of the page and came to life like some sort of phantasimic figure before your eyes.

I've seen her dance once on our television in the basement. I was flipping through channels and when I alighted on Maria dancing I stopped transfixed.

Maria began dancing at the age of four when most of us are learning to read. She entered formal training at the Moscow Choreographic Academy at the age of 9, when most of us are struggling with division in mathmatics classes.

I've no idea if at the age of 4 my son is going to discover what it is he wants to do for the rest of his life. I'm not sure if I want him to. (Who wants to be accused of being one of those creepy stage parents.) I can certainly say that in Maria's case the world is far better off for her parents support of the direction she was drawn to.

Take the time to look for Maria Alexandrov performing if you can. Watching her dance is like something from the pencil of Walt Disney animators and the imagination of the most revered of classical composers.

It probably doesn't hurt ticket sales that she's just as "hawt" as she is talented. (lol)

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