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October 05, 2005

"Someday son, these seats will be yours. Until then they belong to us."

We're back!

What a night. A great game of hockey and a lot of fun to watch Saint Paul roll out the red carpet.

A few weeks ago Fabulous Babe and I were talking about the Wild and season tickets. We've been debating throwing our name on the waiting list for a while. (Ever since we moved here actually.) It's a topic we've frequently returned to time and time again.

The crux of our conversation was that the wait for tickets is around 3-4 years. (In contrast to 3-4 decades with the Leafs.) That being the case our thoughts of taking Jack to games when he is older would mean we should go ahead and get our name on the list sooner than later. After some discussion back and forth we decided to go ahead with it.

The next day I called the Wild ticket office to talk to them about Season Tickets and getting on the waiting list. After some routine questions I asked:

"I understand it's a 3-4 year wait?"

"Normally, yes."


What followed was one of those dumb luck moments that you love and hate. Love because you can't believe they happen to you and hate because they happen when you really can't plan on it.

Long story short: We are now season ticket holders for the Minnesota Wild. Woo hoo!

We have 4 seats now. Sure we have more tickets than we will ever be able to go with Fabulous Babe's schedule but we're set for the next few decades. (We will have a bunch of games we can't go to so if you are interested in a game drop me an email.) If the Wild play as well as they did tonight the season should go pretty well.

Our immediate neighbors to the right are a couple from Red Wing. 4 guys split the seats right behind us and directly in front of us are a family with a college age daughter. The daughter and her friend ended up on the jumbotron last night as the girls were, if I have the term correctly, "HAWT!" (Fabulous Babe ended up on screen as well for a moment.) All in all some nice people.

We're still in a state of shock but pretty stoked. Tonight soothed my fears that the tickets weren't as good as I was hoping and the win put us in quite the hockey mood.

Here's hoping Jack plays along.

This was a huge night for St. Paul. The businesses near the River center suffered through the hocky strike and several closed when things were at the worst. When we got there tonight the city had closed down several blocks to cars and it was like a carnival with kids playing in contests, etc. Just inside the arena the St. Paul mayor was shaking hands and thanking people for coming back.

It didn't end there. Everyone who had a ticket got a coupon for a free hotdog, Coke and a bag of chips. On the way out we all got mini Stanley Cups. The NHL realized they screwed up and, seemingly, have gone to great efforts to bring the fans back and thank them for their support. The biggest shock? Discounts on everything in the Wild shop. (This never happens.) Between the new rules and the PR campaign they are running this might be the start of something wonderful.

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