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October 25, 2005

"First frost today which means that children in Minnesota might put on undershirts."

"How can you tell the kids from Minnesota at Disney World?"

"If it's below 50 degrees they're the ones wearing shorts."

As I was getting Jack dressed this morning I was trying to figure out which layers were necessary. While it got down to 20 last night, thus explaining the frost on my toes where Fabulous Babe had to have the window open last night, it's supposed to get up to 50ish by afternoon. So....

I fall back to the standard undershirt / onesie, pants, socks, shirt and go with the jacket, dino hat and mitts. This is pretty much everything Jack needs for 50ish weather. He's not out for very long and he's pretty warm. Within a few weeks the parka / snowsuit will be a manditory requirement but no sense in taking away his mobility just yet.

It's hard to think that just over a year ago he couldn't walk or talk. Talk about feeling old. I look at the archives from last year at this time and I cringe. What's next year going to bring? (Odds are bicycle riding and hockey.)

I talked to El Jefe last night for a few minutes. El Jefe remembers holding Jack in his arms and I pointed out that at the rate we're going a similar pose will require a truss.

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