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April 05, 2006

"Do you suppose Jack's father is always like that?"

So last weekend we were away in Seattle for the wedding of a good friend of mine. (More on that later.)

As we were within driving distance El Jefe's sister and parents drove down from their home in British Columbia to see for themselves what El Jefe had gotten himself into when he agreed to be a godparent. After much figuring on our end we managed to get something scheduled.

We had lunch Friday with them at the Brown Bag Cafe in Redmond. (Pardon the author for a moment while he rubs his belly softly and moans "Brown Bag" over and over.) We tried to time things so that Jack, handicapped by the time difference, would be reasonable and not too fussy.


Here's El Jefe with his sister, Fabulous Sis. (She was apprehensive at what her nickname might be so hopefully she'll be ok with that.) Watching them talk, with the same mannerisms and speech patterns, was a bit odd. Like slightly disjointed stereo. I kept waiting for them to finish each others sentences but alas, no luck.


Meanwhile, suffering the indignity of sitting next to yours truly, were El Jefe's parents. These are two people blessed with an amazing pair of children and a life filled with joy. If my axiom about parents having the children they deserve needs any proof it lays with these two. They are somewhat like I imagined but delightfully different in other ways. Dad strikes me as a practical joker and Mom looks like someone that could laugh so hard that tears would spring from her eyes.

El Jefe's parents have sent countless little notes of affection to all of us since El Jefe accepted the job of being Jack's godfather. That ceaseless demonstration good will and their generous embrace of love has been simply awe inspiring. From postcards from their vacation in Goa to the small presents that they brought Friday I can't tell you how lucky we are to be a part of their family. Friday was, in many ways, like a good old fashioned Newfoundland Kitchen Party that rolled on with laughter and merriment until the wee small hours.

Lunch was over too soon for all of us on Friday. They needed to drive back to B.C., El Jefe needed to return to work and Jack needed a nap. That didn't stop me from my mission though:


I managed to plant a big smooch on Mom's cheek before we left.

Thanks again to El Jefe, Fabulous Sis, Mom & Dad. Jack is blessed with you as family and lucky to have people as great as all of you in his life.

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