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April 06, 2006

"Oh well. I suppose it was time for an upgrade."

Jack cracked my cell phone last Tuesday. He had picked it up and was walking around with it when, lo and behold, he dropped it on the floor. One corner was dinged but the damage wasn't too disturbing. He likes to hold cell phones and say "Hello?" a lot so I tend to indulge him.

Sure enough, as reward for my being the patient parent he picked it up, wound up and pitched my cell phone about 15 feet, snapping it in half on Thursday night.


So Tuesday I wasted an hour at the Verizon Wireless store in Woodbury, MN. (I use the word "wasted" but really could use the words "squandered" or "pissed away" or even "gave up a precious hour of my life that I will never have again" because all of them are appropriate.) Every visit we've made to this location has proven to be an eye gouging experience in the past but I went anyway thinking, just maybe, they've gotten their act together. Sure enough my cheerful optimism was rewarded with frustration and a clerk who, in the best tradition of retail staff are simply "filling time" until something else comes along, was as helpful as a bag of rocks to a drowing man. This was our final exchange:

"I have to tell you that you haven't been very helpful today."

"I hear that a lot."

"No doubt."

Realizing that further dealings at the Verizon store would simply lead to more hair pulling I called Verizon directly, speaking to "Brian" who was kind enough to hold my hand through the process, and ordered my new phone. In theory it's "Out for Delivery" which means I won't have to try to hold the duct taped remains of my poor Motorola T720 together anymore. I'll post pics of the new one when it arrives. It's been 3+ years since I got a new cell. I'm hoping it doesn't overwhelm me.

A final word or two to the wise: Old junky cell phone? Kid toy. Cell phone you depend on every day? Out of reach.

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