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February 20, 2006

"Spin, spin, spin!"

It was cold here this weekend. Bitterly cold. So cold that beer froze in the garage and exploded. I would have been upset a few years ago but now view it as God's way of giving me a hint to scale back on the beer consumption. How cold you ask? Try -25 with wind. Ugh.

At times like that you just hunker down and try to entertain Jack and dismiss completely the thought of going outside. (I did have to go out for milk for Jack and some of his other staple items.) Jack didn't seem to mind not going out Saturday and was generally in a great mood all weekend. (He did have a runny nose that wouldn't seem to quit but that's pretty easy all things considered.)

I was once again reminded at how quickly kids put things together. I bought a "best of" Disney cd with songs from some of Jack's favorite shows. One of them, from "Jo Jo's Circus", is a song about spinning around. When Jack first listened to it he immediately began to do what the song was telling him. I was amazed and keenly aware that little ears take in a lot that you might never suspect.

On the technology front I installed a new hard drive to act as an archive for all of my photos. The larger of the two older drives had been acting as the vault but I'm wary of it and had decided to act before it goes mammary glands's up. I also have decided to get busy about printing at least one of all of the photos I have of Jack. I know it sounds paranoid but over 90% of the pictures from my childhood vanished at one point and when I'm gone it will be just one more step towards my never having been here. Ugh.

This afternoon Jack and I sat and watched an episode of Miffy that Tivo had taped. (It's always ready with at least 3 of them.) He was curled up under my arm with his stuffed "Go Dog Go" dog and his whirrly gigger that lights up. As soon as the music started he sang along and cheered. Every once in a while he would turn and smile at me for no reason. I've no idea if he'll remember these quiet moments when he's older but I'll never forget them.

For over a week now Jack has been eating like a pig. I think we're on the cusp of another growth spurt. My bet is he'll be 36 inches tall by his 2nd birthday. I have no idea how tall I was at his age but I would bet I was close.

In a rare moment of smarty know whats I bought a bag of practice golf balls a week or so ago for Jack to knock around and it may be the best $5 I have ever spent on him. (Certainly better spent than the damn Robot toy that flails and makes noise.) He's having a great time knocking the balls around with his hockey stick and loading them in and out of his trucks. More proof that the best toys aren't expensive.

I'm starting to think about another trip to Kentucky in a couple of months. This time I might just fly in but I haven't made up my mind. Thought process is saying maybe Nashville, which is close to my dad, or Lexington, which is sort of in the middle. Either way it's a lot of driving with Jack in tow.

Jack now kisses me goodnight every night now. He takes his time and slowly plants one on my cheek. After that he's good for me to lay him down. Tonight he pulled the Nuk out, gave me a smooch, planted the Nuk back and then dove for the crib. I'm just tickled to be a part of the routine.

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