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February 16, 2006

"I call it the "Shards of Glass" tango."

So it was just Jack and I having dinner last night. Jack ate like a bottomless pit for the second night in a row. (I'm thinking we're on the cusp of another growth spurt.) After dinner Jack began looking for things to get into while I cleared the table.

Sure enough he headed to the little Pier 1 candle holder that I've been trying to get Fabulous Babe to decide where to move it for a few weeks. (Ever since Jack's arms got long enough to reach it.) I turned around and Jack had it high over his head, grinning from ear to ear.

Just as I was about to move he threw the glass and wire decoration at the floor in front of his feet. Of course it shattered and the floor in front of Jack was now a sea of slivers and shards of broken glass.

I didn't hesitate and took a step forward to pick Jack up before he could move. This meant that my right foot had to come down into the earlier mentioned hazard. Sure enough: sticky stabby, ouch ouch ouch.

After moving Jack I got the dustpan and broom and got most of the glass up. At the same time I wrapped my foot in paper towels and sat down to try and figure out the next steps. I needed to go upstairs to get the glass out of my foot, clean the cuts and bandage it but I also needed to keep Jack with me and try not to get blood everywhere.

Jack doesn't know the word "ow" or "owie" yet so trying to get him to follow me for those didn't work. "Ouch" brought a similarly blank response so finally I pointed to my foot, a bloody wreck at this point, and said "Uh oh".

Jack immediately said "uh oh" back to me and when I said I had to go upstairs to fix my "uh oh" and I wanted him with me he started moving to the stairs. About 20 minutes later I had a foot full of bandages and it was time for Jack's bath.

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