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February 22, 2006

"New shoes!"

Jack's main footwear during the winter has been either a.) a pair of slippers that I bought for him the same day I got him his Dino hat at Target or b.) a pair of New Balance track shoes that everyone seems to like. When the need has arisen to tromp around in the snow he's got a pair of boots that are a bit big but fine for the short term.

In putting his shoes on him Monday I noticed they were pretty tight. (More proof of a growth spurt on the horizon.) When I took them off that night there were lines on his feet that clinched the need to go find some new footwear.

Tuesday morning I went to Kohl's and browsed the toddler aisle. Refusing to buy something with some sort of licensed property on it I settled on a black pair of shoes that were $7 and a size larger than his current shoes. Just as I was about to leave I spotted another pair. A nice pair of tan Vans.

When I was in high school the shoe of fashion my Senior year was the checkerboard slip on shoes from a "new" company no one had heard of: Vans. 20 years later the company is huge and one of the foremost skateboarding fashion companies in the world. At the time all we could afford were the knock offs. (They were so cheap I had to keep coloring them with a black Marks a Lot to keep the checks from fading.)

Deciding to splurge I bought the Vans for Jack. They were a nice shade of tan that should match just about everything in his wardrobe and with Velcro straps they would give him sense of being able to put his own shoes on. (At least that is what I hope.) When he got home last night I showed him both pairs and asked him if he liked them.

The answer?

Jack snatched the Vans and immediately wanted to put them on. After I got them on Jack's feet he tromped around the house saying "shues!" over and over, pausing every once in a while to bend over and point to his feet.


Jack looking away in disdain when I asked him to pose for the picture.


Jack pointing to his new high fashion footwear.

At night, as I was starting to lay Jack down, he reached out to the shoes like he wanted to take them to bed. I assured him they would be there in the morning and it was with a bit of reluctance that he finally agreed.

If only he'll be the same way with a new pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars I'll be set.

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