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February 05, 2006

Jack's Library, Take 2...

Like most good stores my usual haunts for old books take a week or two to produce a fresh harvest. Fabulous Babe probably thinks I should just let them lie but some of these I had as a child and others I just WISH I could have read when I was younger.

"Conan Doyle's Stories for Boys" from 1938. 6 stories by the man who brought us Sherlock Holmes and The Lost World. A nice clean copy whose contents aren't easy to find.

"Toby Tyler or Ten weeks with the Circus" which was a book I read when I got it for Christmas one year. My best guess is that this copy is from 1923. The book, made into a movie by Disney in the fifties, was written in 1880. Who wouldn't want to run away and join the circus as a kid?

"Abraham Lincoln" by Wilbur F. Gordy. This is from the Heroes and Leaders in American History series by Charles Scribner's Sons. It's from 1918 and past the slightly worn covers looks brand new on the inside. Tons of woodblock illustrations and photographs. A whopping $1.00 brought this into my library. *sigh*

"Washington's Farewell Address & Webster's Bunker Hill Orations" which is going to be an entire post later this week.

"Ivanhoe" by Sir Walter Scott. This one's from 1898 and is completely annotated with notes of historical reference. A smashing good read from my youth as well.

"Tarzan and the Jewel's of Opar" by Burroughs. This is an ex-library copy, printed in 1918, and something of sentimental value to me. I was never a raging fan of the Tarzan books the way I was of the "John Carter, Warlord of Mars" books but I did read them along the way. When I spotted this I knew it needed a better home with me.

"Galveston: The horrors of a stricken city" by Murat Halstead. With Katrina's ravages fresh on most minds it's few people that remember what happened in Texas at the turn of the century. This is a book from 1900 that was published shortly after Galveston was almost completely destroyed by a storm. Tons of pictures before, during and after the storm with some pretty hair raising reading. Easily the best "find" of the expedition and one that I'll let Jack read when he's old enough to understand it.

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