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February 06, 2006

"Have you ever tried to rush a neurologist?"

My appointment with the neurologist for my throat is later this week on Thursday morning. After that we'll see where we go.

Well meaning friends have encouraged me to get in sooner but a.) the office wasn't having any of it and brushed me off when I tried and b.) it's not killing me and has been manageable with painkillers. (It's not constant pain, just occasional.)

The medicine makes me tired and irritable which is of no benefit to anyone except the luckless schmoo from "Parents" magazine that called to get us to subscribe again. He ended up getting a snoot full after he called for the third day in a row. (This after my telling him the previous two days not to call again.) The conversation involved me inquiring him about his home number so that I might pester him endlessly which ruffled him. After that I rolled the eyes back, lowered the jaw and went into a feeding frenzy. They've not called back since.

I realize it's been quiet but I've been concentrating on school work which, as excuses go, seems reasonable on the surface but it's still just an excuse. I stayed up late last night and my conscious chided me the entire time. You've no idea how embarassing that is when it happens.

Fabulous Babe is as busy as ever. Goings on at work and school have most of her free time sewn up but I've managed to steer her into some moments with Jack over the last week. We've a social event in a few days with her classmates which should be interesting to say the least. (Jack's going.) I'm feeling compelled to find a way to teach him to say "Wharton" on que which will inspire laughter from those who "get it" and others, those lacking clues, won't understand what's so funny.

My big project headed out the door tomorrow is a photo album of Jack for great grandma Louise's 95th birthday. (My dad's mom, the wife of Jack's namesake.) I've printed the 50 best pictures I have of Jack and put them in a photo album with captions and witty things underneath. My dad think's she'll like it so let's hope so.

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