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December 18, 2005

Ho ho ho, here's your tree.

Most years I'm dispatched to go find a tree and bring it back. This year we had a new assistant to our crew of tree erectors:


Jack watched in amazement as we hauled this in and then planted it in the tree stand. Once we got it up and set he began running up to it and touching it as if it wasn't really there. Pretty funny.

You'll notice we have God's most formidable tree stand. This was purchased after we lost a tree to Fabulous Babe's old tree stand the first year in our house. (As well as a pile of very nice Christopher Radko ornaments that I had given Fabulous Babe for our first Christmas together.) It's a tree stand designed for 15 foot trees which is a lot of overkill considering our trees never top out more than 9 feet.

Being Jack's first Christmas with some awareness makes this a pretty special year. We're thinking that he's going to be a lot of fun on the 25th. (I've already been planning to have the camcorder batteries charged up and plenty of videotape.) Big things await.

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