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December 13, 2005

"He's back!"


I just finished my last test and couldn't be happier. That's Jack looking laid back and happy for me. I could use a sippy cup of beer right now. (lol)

So how did it all end?

Geography was an "A" but not much of a surprise there. I'm usually pretty good when it comes to maps, cultures, etc. I'm not one to have maps of every major city memorized but I do know where the Falkland Islands are. Ironically when Fabulous Babe was headed to Hong Kong and Beijing I was taking a test on China.

Biology. Ugh. This was easily the worst of the three. If you wonder why my updates have been few and far between blame Biology. I am not a physical sciences person and despite the subject matter getting better as the time went on I still had to lock myself into a closet and memorize vast chapters of the textbook. My hard work paid off: another "A" which was unexpected. This was the course that had me the most frazzled and is responsible for emails going unanswered, phone calls going unreturned, etc. Apologies and forgiveness is begged.

IT 101. Don't have my final grade yet but I'm expecting something "B"-ish. I nailed the homework which was 50% of the course. (High 90's for all 4 areas.) The problem was the dippy interface that you use to take the tests. It opens the applications in a window and it's so quirky that it records accidental movements as attempted answers. I did ok on the first test, a solid 84%, but the second test, the one I just finished, was a 75%. Ugh. I would have been better off just to take Geology 101. Ha ha.

I have oodles of pictures and stories but right now I'm going to bed. It's been a long couple of weeks, the tests are over and while there were some surprises at the end I'm just glad to have it over and done with.


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