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August 18, 2005

"There's a Johnny Paycheck song that comes to mind."

It's been an interesting week.

I know updates have been few and far between but the circumstances have been, to say the least, unusual.

Last week I sat down with my manager and explained I was having eye problems. When he asked what I meant I explained that I just couldn't see myself coming to work anymore.

For a while things have been less than enjoyable if not downright unpleasant at work. I've had three supervisors in less than 18 months. With a little short of two years I was the senior most person in my office and the next person in "rank" had only been there 8 months. My counterparts within the region were coming and going as quick as the door could revolve and the group that directly supported me had seen a 600% turnover. Ugh.

Couple all of that that with an hour plus commute in the morning and an hour and a half commute and night and things were getting out of hand. While I liked some of the people I worked with, the overall situation was not improving.

Fabulous Babe and I have been having some conversations about all of this for some time. With her recent promotion and the impending crush of weight for her MBA at Carlson we had both been wondering how we were going to make all things Jack related work. In the end, things at my office made the rest pretty clear.

It's very strange to quit a job without something else lined up. That was the hardest thing to deal with. Even when it was clear that for my own sanity and health I needed to leave, I still found myself wrestling with it more than I really should have.

So for the next few months, until Fabulous Babe feels she's got her equilibrium with all things work and school, I'm the primary for Jack. (Drop off and pick up, plus dinner and other things.) To be clear we're still taking him to daycare so that his schedule isn't too out of whack when I return to work. With my free time I've enrolled in some University courses and am also tackling things that there just wasn't time to do otherwise.

In some ways I'm starting to punch through the funk left from work. After almost two years that started off great and steadily declined I'm looking forward to the rest and recovery. Yesterday I took the Miata out on the highway and for the first time, in a long time, really relaxed.

More blogging of course and the website redo is on a better course. Who knows, I might even have some time to get a trip or two in.

Best to all of you,


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