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July 11, 2005

"No Jack, you can't have balloons every day."

We timed the party on Friday to start at the time that Jack usually wakes up from his nap. This gave us a couple of hours to finish cleaning and straightening and hauling out the balloons, etc.


When I brought Jack downstairs the first thing that he saw was the balloons. Jack has never been around balloons to any extent before and he was absolutely fascinated. Here’s Jack checking out the weight the balloons were attached to.


The Racetracks were first to arrive and Kate was dressed to the nines. Here’s an action shot from the floor where you can see Jack with his new best friend the balloon weight and Kate answering the phone. Aida lurks in the background seeking refuge from the multiplying hordes of children.


Somewhere behind the gift my wife is opening is Jack. Obviously the unwrapping frenzy that has gripped my beloved was contagious as Kate is getting in on the act. Kate eventually did a balancing act on the box she’s starting to climb there. Jack eventually crawled out from underneath the mountain of paper my wife buried him in.


Jack trying to figure out what’s going on.


Birthday boy eating hot dogs and cheese. The balloons on his chair were a big hit.


“Barkeep! More cheese!”


Miss Kate and her Mom. Between Fabulous Babe and Mrs. Racetrack we needed a mop and bucket to clean up all of the hotness the two of them spilled all over the place.


Our neighbors Gear Daddy and June with their family. Strangely enough their kids lined up in the picture from youngest to oldest: Upchuck, Miss Pink and the Athlete. After things wound down a little Gear Daddy and I went to the basement with the kids and let them run trains for a while. (They were getting that slightly glazed look which is a silent cry for rescue from boredom.)

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