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May 03, 2005

"He's training to become an Air Raid siren."

Jack woke me up at Midnight last night. Screaming.

I jumped out of bed like I had been shot. After a half an hour the screaming hadn't stopped and I had exhausted the list of possible motivators. (Diaper, hunger, etc.) The only thing that seemed to cause a let up was my holding him close. Finally, out of options, I tried a car ride which succeeded in lulling him for a while.

Only for a while.

When we got home the screaming started again. This went until 3:00 when a second car ride seemed to give him enough pause for me to put him to bed around 4:00.

At 5:30 he woke up screaming again.

By this time I was a wreck but sitting with him on my lap I leaned back only to have him lean against me, put his head on my shoulder and fall asleep. (With the appropriate opening of his sinus passages.)

The rest of the day saw me changing sinus soaked shirts in between Jack's naps against my shoulder. When I would move him he immediately would begin to cry and wail. Worse still he developed a 100 degree temp. Realizing I was out of my league I made a doctors appointment with Doctor July, our secondary doctor when Doctor Molotov isn't available.

When we got there Jack was exhausted. Everyone commented on how poor he must feel because he was anything but his usual cheery self. (He's up to 23.5 pounds now though.) The inspection revealed what I had guessed: a serious ear infection. One so bad his glands were swollen below his ear. Visibly.

He's on antibiotics now and as I write this he's been to bed for maybe a half an hour tops. (I'm exhausted.) I gave him a bath tonight to break the temp and it seemed to have worked. (More green from the nose though.) The medicine doesn't seem to have had an effect yet but hopefully we'll see a breakthrough sooner than later.

Daycare is out due to his temp so I'm home again tomorrow. (Hopefully with less screaming.) I'm swamped work wise but there's nothing to be done. (I wouldn't put anyone through a day like today and there is no telling how Jack would do trying to snuggle up like he did with me today.) How do you explain that all you did for most of the day was lay back in a chair so someone who feels miserable did nothing but cling to you for warmth and comfort? Jack's tears and crying bothered me today tremendously. Maybe it's the lack of sleep but I almost found myself crying with him just because I wanted the pain to go away.

I'm off to bed. Cross your fingers for Wednesday.

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