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May 01, 2005

"Ok Jack. Mom's gone. Time for the Sybil Danning film festival."

Fabulous Babe is off to California for a few days. She's out in the warm holy land of In-N-Out Burger and Jack and I are stuck in the land of "It's May 2nd and there is snow on our roof."

Mrs. Dawn's Spa for the Small and Troublesome is closed for a few days. (An unfortunate death in the family.) We're having to go with "Plan B" on Monday and Tuesday and then Wednesday Jack is off to visit some family friends who've been asking to babysit him.

Mercifully all of the laundry is done, there is plenty of food and the next few days should go pretty well sans "Ma!" I'll take some pictures of our wacky bachelor lifestyle so you can live la vida loca with us.

If you get the joke in the title it just goes to show your age and how sad you are. If you don't then you've probably never seen "Reform School Girls" or some of her other mid-80's classics. While I have no idea where she is now I'm guessing Sybil Danning is still trying to shake the semi-permanant chest cold she came down with from going topless so much.

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