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May 04, 2005

"You and I BOTH hate the snot sucker."

A better but still long night.

Jack got me up a few times last night. Eventually he tuckered out which gave me a chance to snooze for a while.

He?s in better spirits today. He smiled when I woke him up and that?s a big step. His appetite is back as well:


I was tearing off pieces of toast for him and he grabbed the whole thing and began gnawing on it. I think I?ve seen the same face on Fabulous Babe.


This is the big improvement. He fought me tooth and nail yesterday when I was trying to get him to drink. No luck. Today he finally took the bottle and started knocking it back. He?s been holding the bottle for a couple of weeks now and it makes things easier. The only exception is that Jack?s discovered that if he shakes the bottle he sprays himself with whatever is inside which he thinks is funny. It?s very hard not to laugh sometimes.

I took Jack?s temp and it?s still high: 99.9 as of this morning. He spiked higher last night so being down is a big improvement. I think the bath helped/

Talked to a freshly showered Fabulous Babe and things are going well in California. She?s still on track for coming home tomorrow night so there?s still time to fluff her pillows and put the mint on the bed.

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