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April 01, 2005

"Zoom, Zoom... Hey! Come back here!"

With slightly warmer weather I've been getting the Miata, Baby Car ready for the spring. (It's not that I don't love my regular ride but there just isn't a comparison.) If you don't remember Baby Car I'll remind you:


Post tune up she purrs...

Fabulous Babe drove Baby Car to Book Club tonight. She said the other ladies all asked about it. She's driving it to work on Friday so I told her to park across three spaces sideways. For some reason her office parking lot spaces are about three feet wide. The result is that door dings are rampant. Here's hoping she tells people she Pimped her Ride.

Jack's still too small to go for any sort of ride in Baby Car. Odds are I won't let his butt touch the seat until he's 3 or 4 and even then I won't go out of the neighborhood.

I want to start spiffing Baby Car up a bit. Tires will probably come first. Then some suspension work. The big engine rebuild won't happen until we're somewhere around 150K miles which is probably 5 years away at this rate. By the time Jack is old enough to drive I hope to have all the work complete.

Fabulous Babe is always so cute driving the Miata. Usually she wears a scarf around her neck with the top down. It's a great picture: hotty redhead in a fun car. I always get a kick out of the rubberneckers when she passes.

Hubba hubba!

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