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April 01, 2005

"I-L-L, I-N-I! I-L-L, I-N-I!" Repeat often.

Saturday was Fabulous Babe's birthday. To celebrate we went to the Illinois Alum meeting at the local sports bar to watch Illinois vs. Arizona. The comeback Illinois mounted after being down so far was insane. Fabulous Babe was on a roller coaster that had her screaming with joy, crying and then hysterically high fiving anyone that came near her. Eventually I had to shoot her with a elephant dart to get her to settle down.

Of course Kentucky blew it on Sunday. *sigh* Cruel, cruel world.

The saving grace?

We've got tickets to the Final Four and the Championship game!

Fabulous Babe has a very generous friend who usually goes every year and can't due to business. We're sitting in row 43, center court for all three games.

I've died and gone to basketball heaven.

Fabulous Babe is so excited she may spontaneously combust. Illinois only got the the Final Four once, in 1989. To have tickets to their second appearance, with a good chance of going on to the championship, is a dream come true.

We drive down to Illinois tonight to stay with Farmer Mom and Dad. It's a drive to St. Louis for the two games back to back on Saturday with us headed back to the farm afterwards. Then we hang out, celebrate or conduct a wake depending on how the Illini fare, then drive back on Monday night for the championship. Jack and I head back on Tuesday by ourselves with Fabulous Babe flying back Tuesday night after attending a meeting for work during the day.

I'll write some reports up while I'm down on the farm. I promise.

Wish us luck and keep root for the Illini. Michigan State and UNC have already had their wins. My comments for the last team, being as I am a University of Kentucky fan, are unprintable.

I hear stuffed Cardinals are mighty tasty. ;)


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