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April 01, 2005

"Nice dome..."

One of my favorite links at work is this one: The Mount St. Helens Volcano cam.

During conference calls it's a sanity saver. (I don't have any windows in my cube.) It's been fun to follow the growth of the lava dome over the last few months and when the plume blew it was incredibly cool.

It also provides some really funny laughs.

Unfortunately the Volcano Cam is subject to the same rainy weather that the rest of the Pacific Northwest endures from time to time. The resulting fog and rain renders the Volcano Cam a near useless window into a grey blob. For some good examples check out the Volcano Cam Hall of Fame!

Reading the website it's very clear that whoever the poor soul is that takes care of the Volcano Cam has a sense of humor. Anyone willing to post the pictures of a mutant fly is ok by me.

Have a peek. As spring approaches the weather should get better and better. It doesn't mean there won't be a laugh from time to time but the views are generally spectacular.

Posted by Jim at April 1, 2005 12:58 AM


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