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April 27, 2005

"Jefe. El Jefe."

We got some nice things in the mail today for Jack.

My Uncle and Aunt in Virginia, who I have to nickname, sent Jack an outfit and backpack that they purchased for him in France. The backpack looks like a bear and is adorable. The pants and shirt are for when hes a bit older. So far our track record is on clothes Jack has received as gifts is excellent.

Jack also received a nice postcard from El Jefe. El Jefe has been kind enough to send Jack postcards from all over which I am keeping in a box. Hopefully Jack will get to visit all of these places again. Until that day he can sit by a window as he grows older and let his imagination carry him off.

Perhaps Jack will become the next Richard Haliburton. I was introduced to Haliburton in 5th grade by one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Lowe. While dated in some ways his exploits were astounding. Born on the 9th day of the last century he did more in 39 years than most people do in a lifetime. His books, "Road to Romance" and "The Glorious Adventure" were two of my all time favorites growing up. While incredibly disrespectful by todays standards, his swim at the elevated pool of the Taj Mahal is still an inspired read.

El Jefe was in India for 24 hours and then had to leave. Sometimes Im certain that his title, Director of Clever New Things, is all a cover for other activities. I think hes become some sort of clandestine agent whose international travels keep all of us safe. When El Jefes not stopping super villains on their island hideaways, I have no doubts hes using his wits and charm to make the world safe for Truth, Justice and Tim Hortons.

Of course this success comes with a terrible price: hes too darn hot for his own good. El Jefes clean, articulate, not hard on the eyes, gainfully employed and just a nice guy. Add all of that up and you get a hotness rating that is off the chart. In fact, hes so hot that he keeps stockpiles of hotness around the globe so that if his hotness gets too low while hes traveling he can quickly top it off. That's hotness close to, but not quite, Fabulous Babe's level of hotness.

Ok. Maybe Im exaggerating but still. Jack could certainly have worse for a role model.

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