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April 27, 2005

"?At least it didn?t come with those dippy kids, the guy with the remote and that abomination called Godzooky.?

Grillzilla arrived today!

I came home to find a box on our front porch the size of the Miata. While Fabulous Babe played with Jack I opened the box and hauled all of the pieces inside for assembly. I thought about leaving it outside but with the rain we’ve had I decided against it.

Assembly went quickly with the directions being clear and well illustrated. A few of the pieces are a little odd to work with due to their size but nothing too ungainly. Jack stood in the Exersaucer watching most of the time. He would occasionally yell some advice but the language barrier is still a problem.

It’s pretty good sized but I don’t have a sense for how much it weighs. I’ll get some pictures of Fabulous Babe next to it in a day or two a la her “new car” pose. I need to get the tank filled and then run through the “leak test” to make sure I’m not endangering our family. The dire warnings for why you have to do the “leak test” are, notably, inside the documentation for ownership. If they were outside no one would buy one of these things.

There were some nice ergonomic touches. The side platform has indentations for hanging grilling tools so that you always have what you need for high holy services at the Temple of Meat. The lid isn’t too heavy and the table platforms seem to be just the right size.

Fabulous Babe seems happy with Grillzilla but the acid test is to see what she thinks once she starts cooking with it.

P.S. The title is from the 1978-79 cartoon. The one word review: awful. If you haven't seen it's almost as bad as the movie from a few years ago.

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