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April 27, 2005

"If I keep telling myself I really didn't want them I'll believe it."

Well foo.

Just got my ass handed to me on ebay. I was trying to win a set of wheels and tires for the Miata. I had bid my max about a half an hour ago and then someone with more money than brains swooped in. He's placed a bid so high that he and the other guy bidding have driven the price up to an amount I'm not willing to pay.

The grand plan for Jack's eventual prom ride is pretty simple. I had a good chat with Jeremy, the tech God at Flyin Miata and he thought the plan was spot on. My dad heard it on Sunday night and, former MG racer than he is, thought it was the right thing to do.

This year:
New wheels and tires. Wheels will be Kosei K-1's and the tires will be Kumho Ecsta MX's.

Next year:
Suspension and sway bars. Flyin' Miata Stage 3 Suspension kit and all the stiffening a Miata can take.

Might be the year for the new brakes. We'll see. Maybe this is where we get the Chrome Roll bar. (Fabulous Babe saw one and thought it was really nice.) Who knows.

Turbo and clutch? (I'll be 40. Insert midlife crisis jokes here. Hee hee.)

The biggest expense down the road is going to be the engine. When Baby's engine hits the 155K mark it will be time to think of the full rebuild. That's going to be spendy. If we get everything I'm thinking about we are talking about a figure that's enough to buy another Miata.

At some point I want to strip her down to the frame for a complete rebuild, refurbish and repaint. Ideally that will be when Jack is old enough to help me do it so he'll have some sweat equity in his prom car. That's new dash, new seats, new carpet, etc. The stripes are a permanant feature.

Jeremy, my father and I are all agreed that from the outside the car needs to look stock. It's not about having neon underneath and looking like one of those morons in a lowered Honda Civic. It's about having a car that handles great and drives well.

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