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April 28, 2005

"Be nice. Your name could have been Pretty Poison."

After dinner the other evening we were discussing kids and names. One name came up that I hadn't heard before: "Boston" for a boy.

I think the name is fine. Granted I have no idea if place names are big right now but as far as naming your child after a city goes there are a lot worse.

Then again if the parents name their child after the 70's rock band you have trouble, loads of it. What's to prevent the brother being named "E.L.O." or "Foghat" on a whim? Worse still how about this: "Hi! These are the twins: “Kansas” and “Styx” and their sister, "Blue Oyster Cult”.

I recently read an article at the doctors office about how the last 10 years has seen a significant rise in the number of children being named after what are perceived to be luxury goods: Lexus, Hennessey, etc. It’s a bit more materialistic than I care and reeks of being a product endorsement. Then again maybe I just don’t remember the kids in my grade school named Chrysler or MD 20/20.

The goofy rock band names went on for a while the other night. “Bee Gee” was a good one. “Grand Funk” needs to have a zinger of a last name to really work. “Meatloaf” wasn’t as funny as you might think but “Kajagoogoo” just gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.

Yours truly,

Wang Chung

Posted by Jim at April 28, 2005 12:06 AM


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