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April 11, 2005

"I'm big in Doha... AND Dubai."

I got a nice comment/email from a friend of Natasha's yesterday. Dalia has a son, Sanad, that is a month or so younger than Jack. (I think Dalia might have the same bouncy chair we do for Jack if I remember the picture correctly.)

The power of the internet and circles of friends never ceases to amaze me. Despite wide differences in background and location I now "know" someone on the far side of the world who I share the uncommon task of properly raising a child. (I think it goes a long way to understanding and spoiling stereotypes.)

Here's hoping that in 30 years Sanad and Jack sit down to some nice coffee on a breezy day somewhere halfway in between Dubai and St. Paul and chat about how nutty their parents are. Maybe they'll be post pals or the electronic version that the next few years will bring.

Until then perhaps I can get El Jefe, on his next trip to Dubai, to have lunch or dinner with Duri, Dalia and Sanad.

Hint. Hint.

Posted by Jim at April 11, 2005 12:12 AM


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