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March 15, 2005

"I think when he gets all pruney that means he's done."

Every few days we give Jack a good scrubbing to get rid of any dirt that?s accumulated in the nooks and crannies. He always enjoys bath time and plays around with his friends. (A motley assortment of plastic bath toys.)


Here?s Jack straining to see one of the cats just outside the bathroom. Yours truly sits on the floor next to the tub while Fabulous Babe sits on the throne positioned to catch Jack if he tips forward.


A coy action shot. Fabulous Babe is squirting Jack with one of the fish while Mr. Demure holds the starfish in just the right location to prevent too much embarrassment later on in life. Jack?s seated on his giant bath sponge which is much easier to use than the bath chair we were using with him. We use the bath sponge because our poor son?s bottom is still a frictionless surface: one wrong move and it?s a bath like a log flume ride.


Care to guess who he?s making eyes with? Here?s the answer Jeopardy style: ?Who is The Woman Who Grew Me Inside of Her!? I?m just the guy with the camera so I just get the occasional "Who are you?" look.


Were I to publish this as a limited edition seragraph I think I would title this one ?Small wet boy. (With Octopus.)?

Did you know that any donations you make to the tip jar will go directly to Jack's education fund? We intend to raise Jack with a firm moral base and strength of character often found lacking in our modern world. The goal is to raise a man who opens doors for strangers, helps little old ladies across the street, uses the words "Ma'am" and "Sir" and acts as a paragon of virtue. (Unlike a certain ex-CEO from Boeing.)

Take the time to make a donation to help make sure Jack stays on the straight and narrow and doesn't end up on a used car lot selling your children or grandchildren a funny smelling Sentra with way too much milage. It's a path best not contemplated.

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