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March 14, 2005

"I keep thinking of that AC/DC song."

Saturday morning Fabulous Babe headed off to the gym for a step class that she's been wanting to go to. That left me with Mr. Snickle Britches for some Saturday morning playtime.

Part of our time on the carpet was spent with me handing Jack various objects. The goal was to get some pictures to share. It took about 40 tries but here's the best shot of the lot.


The aquarium Jack got at Christmas is still a favorite. All I have to do is hand the little plastic balls over to him and it's a giggle fit. Sometimes he chews on them, other times he bangs them against his teeth or just clacks them together. It's just the thing for the Red Hot Jackness on a slow Saturday morning.

A friendly reminder that it's pledge week. That tip jar at the lower left is an easy way to send a little something towards Jack and help defray hosting costs.

More to come when I can type a bit longer.

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