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March 10, 2005

Fundraising drive...

Dear readers,

In the 15 odd months that I've been writing here you've been patient, kind and encouraging and I greatly appreciate that. Along that theme I would ask that you endulge me for a few moments.

Currently my website is hosted with a friend of mine. Our payment arrangement for my space here is somewhat informal but its worked well in the manner we've set out. That being said I'm starting to notice higher and higher levels of traffic and bandwith in my log.

Thus I'm kicking off a fundraising drive. I don't have a fiscal target in mind. If I did I would post it here. I don't think that's how these things should be.

Essentially I'm asking those of you who read regularly to hit the tip jar down there on the lower left. (It's the Amazon thingy you see there.) If Amazon isn't your style you can get in touch with me via email and I can give you a paypal account you can use. If you want to send a check or something else I can let you know where to send it. Email all questions to: thespecialproject@comcast.net and I'll go from there.

I'm not asking for you to send 3 cubic acres of money. I'm asking for you to send something that represents what the site is worth to you. It could be $20 or it could be the price of a Latte at Starbucks, beggars can't be choosers. Do you read me every day or just once in a while? You know what kind of frequency you visit. (As do I by the Stats log.) Do you link to my photos instead of hosting them yourself? (My picture of our kiss from the wedding seems awfully popular in Europe.) It's pretty simple.

Has something I've written caused you to snorkel your drink across the keyboard with laughter? Have you seen a picture that you then shared with others? Want to make sure Jack never lacks haircut funds ever again? You get the idea.

For the next week every post is going to have a reminder that it's the fundraising drive. If things go well I'll wrap it up early. I'll post some sort of reward for those kind enough to donate. If donations are off the chart I'll whip up something really special as a thank you.

All monies donated will go into Jack's Education Fund that I officially opened today. I'll match the amount out of my own pocket to cover the tab of this place. That way everyone wins.

Go ahead, hit the tip jar. It won't hurt at all and you'll feel good all day.



Posted by Jim at March 10, 2005 10:03 PM


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