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March 10, 2005

"Oh the songs we sing..."

I'm certainly the more musical of the two of us trying to raise Jack. Fabulous Babe's had more piano than I have but I've been singing longer. (Highest bass audition score for the region the year I went to the All State choir. How's that for nerdy?)

I keep trying to expose Jack to more and more music. In the car, at home, where I can and when I can. A lot of the time this involves singing to him.

We frequently fall back on the old standards: Old Macdonald, This Old Man, etc. Then, sometimes, we have the special Jack songs. Here's an example:

I used to live in a uterus.
I used to live in a uterus.
I used to live in a uterus.
Then there wasn't any room!

The last line is the key verse. There are several actually. There's "But it didn't have a window" and my personal favorite "But we couldn't play Handball!" All of the ending verses are delivered with gusto and always get a good giggle out of the boy. Ah yes. The Uterus song is a fave but Fabulous Babe always shoots me "The Look" if I sing it in public.

There is also the Good Morning Jack! song which is how I wake him up in the morning. There's the "No Pants Dance!" song which, oddly enough, only comes up during clothes or diaper changes.

Being a parent gives you a great license to be silly. It's a fool who squanders the opportunity to embark down that path.

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