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March 15, 2005

?Can we just burn the Diaper Genie instead of emptying it??

Sunday night Jack came down with Montezuma?s revenge. This meant a few Level 10 diaper emergencies and a quick round of decision making as to what to do.

MN doesn?t allow you to bring a child with diarrhea to daycare. This means that one of the two of us had to stay home with Jack on Monday. Yours truly drew the straw.

Monday was long. A day filled with some truly horrible diaper changes and a little boy who could not get comfortable no matter what I did. (The root cause of everything is probably teething from where Jack?s upper front teeth are trying to come in.) I went through Banana?s and bottles in an attempt to keep him from dehydrating.

By the end of Monday night he still had the occasional horrible diaper which meant I drew a second day of home care. Fortunately Tuesday afternoon saw Jack having normal diaper loads which meant I could once again count on the Mrs. Dawn?s Day Spa option for Wednesday morning.

I had heard the words ?needy? and ?clingy? used in describing children before we had Jack and boy do I understand those words now. Jack would cry and the only thing that would stop him was for me to pick him up and hold him while whispering to him. In response Jack would lean forward, put his head on my shoulder and use his hands to grab me.

Getting him to lay down tonight was a struggle. He fought me tooth and nail. It finally took me distracting him with an assortment of plush animals and within 5 minutes he passed out. I can hear him snoring over the monitor right now.

Two good things came out of the last two days. Here?s the first:


Cheerio Air Hockey! That?s right why just hand the Cheerios to Jack when I can set them down and blow them across to him. Granted it leads to moments like this where I blow too hard and they ramp off into his lap but that?s nothing. When Jack eats Cheerios he usually lands over 75% of them somewhere about his person.


Here?s Jack with his goalie face. He?s waiting for the next Cheerio launching.

The other good thing is that I finally got Jack to start laughing when I wink at him. It took about 6 hours over the course of both days but now when I shoot the boy a saucy wink he gets a huge grin and starts laughing. The more I wink the more he laughs. Pretty soon it?s a full on giggle fit. That makes the diapers seem like a very small price to pay.

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