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March 17, 2005

Greetings from "Mrs. Canadian something-or-other-ness"

Okay, so I wasn't there the night Fabulous Babe & Jim met. (Although I'm sorry I missed it since "fluid" levels must have been quite high as everyone swears I was.) I WAS there for almost every other outing and the most important thing...the dish session the next morning!

[Bizarre. Everyone remembers her being there and I donít remember drinking that much. Ed.]

Well, truth be told, it wasn't quite the next morning, now was it kids?!? Hmmm?!? Readers, I must inform you that you are under a slight false pretense. You must know the real deal: Jim actually asked SOMEONE ELSE out after that fateful night. (You dumba$$ what were you thinking?) Rather than dwelling on that lets instead focus on the positive that the two lovebirds quickly, (and might I add not remotely at all because of Jim's doing,) became an item. (They should rename that drink "Sloe-Jim-Fizz".)

[Long story short: We met on a Thursday and we all traded cards and numbers. I called Fabulous Babe but she was going out of town so I left a message for her. Over the weekend I went shopping at the Eaton Center and had dinner with one of the other women that night, Miss Canadian Tallness. (Who liked me because I was tall too.) We ended the evening on a handshake, no spark, no zing, it was 5 hours total with no future. On Monday Fabulous Babe called me at work and I told her everything. We then went out that night. I'm not sure I get the Sloe-Jim-Fizz comment. Ed.]

Fabulous Babe immediately had googly eyes for Jim and I remember many a telephone conversation or during our regular weekend morning chats, after we crawled over to either of our condo's still in our pj's, that the subject would not stray far from her conquest. At least that's the way I'm remembering it, so for the record Jim, you're only getting credit for our girls weekend of bliss last year and your "bit", (Fabulous Babe and I covered
that too....KIDDING!!!,) part in creating beautiful Jack.

[Thank God I'm not a Timbit. Ed.]

I'll wrap up by saying I was there the night before Jim was driving out propose to Fabulous Babe. Except for my honey-pie, I have never seen anyone so completely and utterly gaga over someone else and more excited to start a new journey with someone who clearly was the love/dreamboat/red-headed goddess of his life.

Happy-love-at-first-sight-but-Jim's-still-a-goof-for-not-asking-you-out-first-Anniversary guys, love and miss you lots.

Mrs. Canadian Hotness.

[Thanks CH. Realize we'll be shipping Jack off to you for Speed Skating lessons in a couple of years. Congrats too to Miss Canadian Tallness who is getting married in September. Ed.]

Posted by Mrs. Canadian Hotness at March 17, 2005 12:02 AM


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