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February 07, 2005

Sick, sick, sick...

Well I've somehow managed to dodge the bullet.

Jack has had a cold that has lingered for well over a couple of weeks. On Thursday we took him to get checked out by the doctor and that led to some medicine he doesn't like to drink. He's got a wheeze in his chest but just a minor one.

Friday night Fabulous Babe didn't feel good. Eventually this manifested itself as vomiting and, um, Montezuma's revenge. It was so bad that at one point she just lay down on our bathroom rug because she was too weak to try to get back to bed.

Most of the weekend was then spent keeping Jack happy but out of germ distance with his mom while trying to keep her happy to boot. By Sunday both of them were feeling better but still not 100%.

Me? I've got dry hands from washing them with antibacterial soap about every 15 minutes but otherwise I seem to be ok.

*Cross fingers*

Posted by Jim at February 7, 2005 09:26 PM


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