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February 01, 2005

Congratulations to Fabulous Babe!

"February 1, 2005

To: Division That Cannot Be Named Employees

From: Fabulous Babe's New Boss

Subject: Leadership Announcement

I am pleased to announce the following changes within the Division That Cannot Be Named leadership team. All people will report to me.

*skip to the relevant bit*

Fabulous Babe has been promoted to Director, Strategery. Fabulous Babe will lead various processes involving strategery, evaluate strategery, work lots of strategic hours and participate in more strategic strategery of a strategic nature as called for by strategic need.

Fabulous Babe brings over 12 years of financial and business analyst experience including time spent with The Large Accounting Firm Whose Name You Would Know. Fabulous Babe joined The Company through the *censored* joint venture in 1998 where she was employed in a province in Canada that may or may not resemble Ontario. She transferred to our slightly soggy, Seattle based West Coast Operations as a Muckity Muck and later to the frozen tundra we call the Twin Cities as a Higher Muckity Muck for the Division That Cannot Be Named. Fabulous Babe, her husband, Jim, who thinks she is hot, and infant son, Jack, who considers her his "Mom", reside in A Little House on the Prairie.

Please join me in welcoming these new members of the Division That Cannot Be Named leadership team."

Except for some editing here and there it's a direct quote. (I'm sure you can pick out the bits I added or changed.) The official title is Director of Strategy. We've known for a while but had to wait for the formal announcement. Now that it's out I can finally say:

Congratulations hon!

Jack and Jim

Posted by Jim at February 1, 2005 10:42 PM


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