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February 07, 2005

"Arise, Serpentor! Arise!"

What's a day without a great GI Joe line?

I managed to get some good pictures this weekend despite everyone being sick. Enjoy!


That?s Ol? Stumpy, the biggest catfish in the pond, next to his new train. It?s a Standard Gauge reproduction of a train from the 1920?s by the Ives corporation. Jack didn?t really know what to make of it at first but then he decided that the shiny brass, lights and enamel paint were ok by him. I missed getting the full smile but this is pretty close.

Jack?s outfit is from either my Aunt Betty or my Stepmom. Since my beloved is sleeping off being ill I?ll just say that BOTH have great taste and hope I do ok.

The next three are sort of an Apollo lift off sequence. Brace yourselves. All I need is Gene Kranz in one of his vests to stop by to make sure it all goes well.


Here we see Jack crouching with intent. (Actually he?s sitting with intent.) This was after Fabulous Babe?s fever broke and I was pretty sure she wasn?t contagious anymore.


Here we see Jack in the ?boost? phase of the lift off. The afterburners are engaged as indicated by the silly grin across his face. Mother is assisting with additional smiles.

(Mrs. Canadian Hotness that?s the Roots fleece you sent that he is wearing.)


Ta da! There you go. Look how well Jack's balancing. Jack's able to hold for about 20 seconds before everything goes to heck. At this rate Jack's not going to crawl, Jack's just going straight to walking. Ugh. I'm doomed. I'll have to childproof the house overnight.

Part of the joys of parenthood is that you literally watch your child develop in front of your eyes. They start to figure out what their hands are for. They start to interact with you. You can literally chart all of this out.

A few days ago Jack discovered he has facial muscles. Up to then his facial reactions were all instinctual. That was before this:


This isn?t even his full ?angry? face. In full blown ?scrunch? mode it?s like the backside of a cat. None the less, there he is. That?s my boy!

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