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February 28, 2005

"At least it's not on Judd Plaza..."

Family history time.

My recent stay at the hotel afforded me a nice view of this building:


That's the old 2nd National Bank building in my hometown. It's the bank my family used to own. It's also where Jack's namesake, his great grandfather, had an office for years. (Third floor in the front, between the columns.) It's empty and deserted now. The person who bought the building from the family holding company hasn't done much with it except to rip away the awful 1960's paneling that once sheathed the 1st floor.

Sometimes I get wistful and think I want to own the building once more. I suppose if I hit the lottery and win a gazillion dollars I would. (I would turn the entire 4th floor into our residence when we were in town.) Otherwise it sits as a testimony to properity that seems to have left the town behind.

When I was little and my grandmother was dragging me around we would stop to visit Grandpa Jack from time to time. I can remember staring out the windows of his office and thinking how high up we were.

Lions ring the top of the building. (They're the small dots you can see if you look closely.) That's really the heart of what is wrong with new construction these days: a lack of ferocious wildlife as ornate symbols.

As my business fortune increases and I require an edifice to house the operation I can assure you that my building will have all manner of carvings and statuary to signify the inherit power of the company.

I'm thinking elephants. That way I would never lack for a coat hook.

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