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March 01, 2005

A visit from Miss Kate

The Racetracks were hopping last night. (Proving once again how old and busted we are.) Mrs. Racetrack was out late for work and Mr. Racetrack was attending a dinner with his boss and co-workers. Realizing the impending plight Mr. Racetrack asked us to watch Miss Kate.

Kate's now crawling as fast as a dogfaced soldier looking for a foxhole during an artillery bombardment. When Mr. Racetrack dropped her off with us she immediately started scooting everywhere. It was only our selection of amusing toys that kept her from heading for greener pastures.

I started feeding Kate last night and while I was successful the bites were slow coming between the intense stare I received for not being mom or dad. Finally Fabulous Babe finished up Jack's bath and took over:


That gave me to snap a picture of Mr. Wethead:


Those are my feet for comparison. You know what they say about a man with big feet don't you? We wear big shoes.

Once the bananas were down the hatch Kate sat down next to play with Jack:


Mr. Racetrack had warned us that Kate was starting to get her top two teeth. From 7 to 8:40ish Kate demonstrated her feelings on the matter with a performance art piece she called "Screaming My Brains Out!" Jack was tired so he had to retire early before the second act.

Eventually Kate fell asleep in the bouncy chair. The rest of the night went without encore performances and when the Racetracks came to pick her up she was a sleeping angel.

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