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August 13, 2004

Grace and Serenity

When I got home last night Fabulous Babe had endured a long day with Jack. His schedule was off so he was trying to sleep whenever he could get away with it. Instead of playing “Mr. Funny Faces” Jack was more interested in playing “Fill my diaper!” which he did 4 times over the course of a half an hour yesterday afternoon.

The Racetracks stopped by with Kate last night. During dinner she supposedly put on a command performance of yelling and crying but there is no way I can believe that the angelic child I saw last night could ever behave that way. (Amazing how a car ride will settle a baby down.) They were giving us tips on how to handle the upcoming shots that Jack faces in a few weeks.

The trials and tribulations over the baptism date for Jack were finally wrangled yesterday afternoon. Farmer Dad has crop considerations and once they and other things were weighed we came up with a date that seems to align with all schedules. It didn’t help with the overall stress level in Casa de Project however.

FB’s sister, Mary Jane Watson, and family arrive today for the weekend. It will be good to see Tall Princess and Number Two Billy Goat again. They’re 6 and 4 and interested to see Jack. I’ll take photos so prepare for a high level of cuteness this weekend. I also sense the deployment of the ridiculous amount of Hot Wheels track I keep handy for just such occasions. (Vintage including a 50 foot long straight piece.)

With his schedule off Jack was a pill last night. He didn’t want to lay down and no amount of walking, eating, burping, etc., was bringing peace to our household. When he finally settled down after midnight it was to our mutual relief.

This morning he started fussing about 5:30-6:00. FB tried taking things in hand but it was yours truly that discovered the culprit, a wet diaper. After a change in pants I decided to go for a change in scenery. I tucked the Swab under my arm in the bed and tucked him in. Within a few minutes he was quiet and finally passed out.

When I got up to leave this morning FB and Jack were passed out in the bed. Both were sound asleep. The last sight of the two of them as I left is where today’s title comes from. Here’s hoping that moment lasted for a while.

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