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August 16, 2004

Notes from the weekend

When I got home Friday the house was loaded. Fabulous Babe's sister and family had arrived. Along for the ride was Kate Racetrack who FB was taking care of until Mrs. Racetrack got home. It made for a loud, festive evening.

Saturday morning saw the girls going for a ride in the Miata. (Number Two Billy Goat announced: "Mommy! It's like a rocket!") I threw a few reverse S curves and a couple of low spin outs into each ride which was enough to give the girls a thrill. There is nothing is better than a 4 or 6 year old giggling like a maniac as she is pressed against the door on a 15 mph turn. Peter Parker asked Mary Jane if they could get one after his ride which was shot down with a withering gaze.

We trooped off to the Mall of America later which gave the moms a chance to shop for makeup and girly things. Peter was looking for guitar books. (I'm convinced he's going to start a suburban grunge band called "Rage against the Landscapers!") I got to play "Weird Uncle Jim" and lead the girls around the mall.

When we got home the girls, being so very clever, ambushed me with silly string in the back yard. (The stuff tastes awful.) Lo and behold Weird Uncle Jim had caught wind of the plot and after being covered in the stuff turned the tables with a two can assault of his own. (I had larger cans.) The look of dismay was priceless as Tall Princess went from victor to victim in short order. Much running and giggling followed.

Saturday night was our chance to have a nice night with Wonder Woman and hubby. (Jack stayed home with the family.) We had a great dinner and good company. When we got home it was off to bed.

Sunday saw the departure of F-Troop and a shopping run to Sams. (I really hate Sam's and miss Costco terribly. Where are you Costco? Why are you not closer?) After that we settled down into an afternoon of Olympic splendor with Jack.

Posted by Jim at August 16, 2004 11:11 PM