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August 12, 2004

Hot Monkey Love

My oh my.

Interesting developments in the last few days on the El Jefe front. I received the following in my email yesterday. They're additional "points" for El Jefe's travel report.

"Talking.--At first I wasn't sure what language it was, but it's English...people talk with lots of 'Os' and 'yeahs' and 'yabetchas'."

[And we didn’t even take him up to Northern Minnesota… FB’s Gym Partner – a.k.a. El Jefe’s Blind Date/Tour Guide. BTW Jim, a big thank you for arranging that blind date. I owe you big time.]

Yup. El Jefe's blind date was FB's Gym Partner, Petunia.

How much does she owe me? Read on...

"[Odds are that isn’t the lake he’s talking about. Ed.]"

[Believe me, I was the one with the spinning mind and shortness of breath. Not to mention the fact that I’ve been described as “radiant” on several occasions this week. For someone like me who’s relatively reserved on the outside, this is a first time outward display of such happiness. ]

Oh yeah. She's got it bad.

When I spoke to Petunia about the weekend yesterday she was floating about 4 inches off of the ground. She also was blushing so much I would have been able to make Smores from the heat coming off of her cheeks. She was stammering and stuttering and finally said "I haven't felt this way since I was a teenager." (Wringing her hands and hopping back and forth on one foot.)


"I’m now back home safe on the west coast. I can’t wait to get back to see my ‘family’ in MN. It’ll be soon, I hope!"

[Also, stay tuned for a diary of some Canadian travel adventures, coming soon. Jim, if it’s true that you have a “Canadian” sense of humor, perhaps I’ll come back armed with better teasing material to keep pace with you.]

That's right. El Jefe and Petunia are off for a weekend in Banff next weekend. This whole business fills me with a number of feelings:

Happiness - I'm glad that my matchmaking was successful. They seem like a good couple.

Relief - With their behavior falling square in the "Hot Monkey Love" stage I no longer have to worry about finding a place for El Jefe to stay when we have Jack's baptism in October. I'm pretty sure that Petunia will take him in. I just hope that getting the two of them to come up for air isn't going to prove to be a problem. I suppose I can keep a firehose handy.

Agony - At one point yesterday Petunia mentioned that at some point in the weekend El Jefe said "If only Jim could see us now" or some such. Whatever the quote it wasn't the sort of thing you say while you're hiking, drinking coffee, etc. It is the sort of thing you say in a situation that I didn't ever want to contemplate or imagine my friends in which led to a Oedipal moment of wanting to blind myself.

Humor - When we left El Jefe with Petunia on Monday they were "headed to the airport." Fabulous Babe then ended up behind them for quite a while on her way home. When she saw them pull off into a residential neighborhood at high speed she later asked me what I thought was going on. (This before Petunia spilled the beans yesterday.) I simply started whistling the tune to "Afternoon Delight" which reduced both of us to tears of laughter. If it was the airport they were headed towards it is pretty clear it moved recently.

Jack there are some important things to learn here. Petunia yesterday was talking about clamping down on her feelings and trying to put them aside. I then forcefully pointed out that the whole purpose behind living is to cherish and accept these sorts of emotions due to their astonishing rarity. You never can tell how things will go in the long run but if you deny yourself the joy of someone caring about you deeply and returning that emotion in turn you're a complete idiot.

That's me. The life coach that makes Dr. Phil look wishy washy.

P.S. If it's been a while try to kick your own relationship into the Hot Monkey Love stage. If you've never left it then good on you.

Posted by Jim at August 12, 2004 12:12 AM