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July 20, 2004

Armstrong Syndrome

I received a very nice email asking why I haven’t posted a picture of myself yet. There are actually a couple of reasons.

A.) I hate scaring small children. The rough hewn burlap potato bag I wear over my hideous features sometimes slips and the young frequently flee my visage.

Ok maybe not.

B.) I suffer from Armstrong Syndrome.

For those of you unaware of it there are only 5 pictures of Neil Armstrong that were taken on the moon by “Buzz” Aldrin. Armstrong, as Commander of Apollo XI, was assigned most of the camera duties for the mission. There was only one point he set the camera down and Aldrin picked it up to take some photos. Even then they weren’t really planned. Neil just happened to be in the shot when "Buzz" took the picture. (Painfully obvious when you see them.)

The joke is that at no point in the instructions sewn onto Armstrong’s sleeve did it explicitly say: “Hand the camera to Buzz and strike a pose.” That's right. The first man on the moon didn't think to ask his buddy to take a picture or two.

My case in point: It wasn’t until Jack was 4 days old that occurred to anyone to take a picture of me holding him. Thus it is that I have Armstrong Syndrome.

This website is primarily about Jack and Fabulous Babe. They’re the stars here, not me. I’m lucky enough to be a spectator to all this and chronicle their achievements. (Friends and family fall under this umbrella as well.) Pictures of any of the above? Just fine. Me? The last thing you need cluttering up the place are pictures of me.

Thanks for asking though. I felt all warm and fuzzy. *grins*

Posted by Jim at July 20, 2004 12:04 AM