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July 20, 2004

Bath time!

Fabulous Babe went on our first walk tonight as a family. She's not really felt up to it until now so previously it was just me and Jack flying solo.

After the bath FB led me through my first go at washing the boy. Until now she and her mother have taken care of all the water based cleaning.

"Don't dunk him!"

"Why not? It's faster."

"Just don't."

"How about I half dunk him?"

We got through it without mishap. He seemed to like sitting in the tub of water and didn't splash too much. Jack was passed out on the bed in his pj's with wavy sort of George Hamilton hair at the end of it all.

It may be a trick of the light but his hair almost looks red tonight. It's so long I still say it needs a good trim with the clippers but Wife-o Deluxe-o said no. Guess the "high and tight" has to wait a while.

Posted by Jim at July 20, 2004 09:43 PM