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April 11, 2004

Set Phasers on "Shop!"

Friday night we finally broke down to tackle that which we had been putting off for a while: registering at "Babies R Us".

We've been a few times to poke around and look at things. This time we went with intent. Fabulous Babe is having a couple of showers next month so it's time to get serious.

We went Friday night to avoid the crowds and it paid off. The Saturday or Sunday afternoon crowds weren't there and we had the run of the joint. We went through the paperwork quickly and then it was off to the aisles.

As with our Wedding registry my role was to wield the barcode scanner as directed by the better half. In the 5+ years since the wedding the scanners have evolved into devices that resemble phasers from Star Trek. They still operate the same way: sight barcode, pull trigger and "poof" it's on the registry.

We wandered around scanning for a couple of hours. To help in the process you receive a helpful list of the more commonly needed items to make sure you don't miss anything.

We went with most of the items you would expect. A few cute things but nothing to awful. The biggest accomplishment was sorting out the stroller which has been the bane of our previous visits to the baby emporium. We found one that FB likes and seems to collapse pretty easily.

There are still things we'll need but at least now we have a start on all of this. FB seemed to be pretty overwhelmed for a while but snapped out of it after a while. Maybe it was the aisle of breast pumps.

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