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April 09, 2004

No monkeys allowed.

This Saturday I have an appointment for some quality time with a paint roller.

Fabulous Babe finished her nursery decoration decision making a couple of weeks ago after consulting a few people. (Few meaning "most everyone we know".) The wallpaper was the big hurdle. FB found some she liked but one of the contenders featured a truly wretched monkey that gave me the heebee jeebees.

Understand that I yielded 99% of the decorating rights to the nursery when I leveraged the Miata purchase a month or so ago. I was ok with this until I saw this devilish simian that was sure to be responsible for Junior having nightmares. I soon signed up as an official lobbyist of the "anti-Monkey wallpaper" party.

FB was gracious and agreed to drop the monkey inclusive pattern. It soon narrowed down to cute bunnies and hopping frogs. Both were pleasant and certainly less offensive than the monkey had been.

In the end the frogs won. (Which I had grown to like more than the bunnies.) Before we can hang the wallpaper yours truly has to put down a basecoat. By Saturday night we'll be on our way to having a nursery.

No monkeys. Hooray!

Posted by Jim at April 9, 2004 08:07 AM


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