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February 26, 2004

I bought a stroller...

That's right. I bought a stroller. Have a look:


All I figure I need to do is slap a handle on the back and we're good. Plenty of room for diapers and bottles. It's perfect for a trip to the zoo.

Strangely enough Fabulous Babe isn't buying it.

The truth?

I used to have a Miata. My beloved 1990 Polar White was my pride and joy. She had been with me everywhere and had crossed the country a couple of times. (Top down through the Vail pass.) She's the car that transported the engagement ring to Seattle when I headed out to propose to FB. She was my pride and joy.

Before moving here we took a look at our inventory of vehicles and decided it would make more sense to have a 4WD in the garage. FB wasn't giving up her sporty and speedy V-6 2 door Accord. (This is the car I have to shoo car tunerz and street racing types away from in the parking lot. They always drool.) After what seemed like a lifetime I donated baby car to a charity auction.

In the two years since the pain never dulled. Last year my friend, the Best Woman, mentioned that she might get a NEW Miata and let her old one go. I got her to agree to letting me have first right of refusal. She called a week or so ago and said the time had come to get serious.

I wasn't really looking to spend any money on another car right now. We're saving up for the summer. (FB will probably take 8 weeks of with Junior.) However the price worked out to be less than I thought. With that I went to FB.

"Go ahead and write the check but You have to pay for it."


Off to Ebay I went. A week later the Bank of FB is happy and I am making room in the garage for a late March arrival. Woo hoo!

I told the Best Woman that the odds are Junior will be driving this at their Prom. Until then...

Zoom Zoom Zoom!

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