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January 06, 2004

Getting Pregnant Vol. 2

Once you decide to HAVE a baby that doesn't mean that things start happening immediately.

Oh no.

First you have to have a doctors appointment.

Our "Hi doc. We've lost our minds and want to have a baby" appointment went pretty well. Doctor Molotov is Fabulous Babe's regular doctor but she's also got the MLB training as a catcher to actually be the one to catch junior as he or she emerges.

Molotov quizzed us on our thoughts and general state of health. Gave us some suggestions and ideas on "how" to get pregnant and generally smacked us on the butt and said to wait 3 months for 16 years worth of birth control pills to get out of FB's bloodstream and then, when the time was right, have at it like a pair of love crazed weasels.

I like Doctor Molotov. Every once in a while when she talks you see that gleam in her eye that is either inspired genius or madness. (Must be her triplets.) It's that crazed spark that got her the moniker of Doctor Molotov. That and she strikes me as the type who would have chased German armor through the streets of Stalingrad with a couple of bottles of petrol if she had been there.

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